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FOX News
Sep 13, 2012 9:00pm PDT
across the middle-east with anti-u.s. protests, spreading to iran, iraq, lang badesh and morocco. in yemen, the u.s. ermbassy was breached when hundreds of demonstrators converged in front of the diplomatic post. according to witnesses, the protest turned violent as rioters stormed a wall set fire to a building inside the compound and raided the place n. iran, protesters outside the swiss embassy, which looks after u.s. interests shouted "death to america!" in iraq, hundreds of shiite radicals took to the streets in baghdad and threatened violence to the united states. we are learning that the libyan government has arrested four men suspect in the deadly attack on the u.s. embass nebenghazi on tuesday. now, that took the life of four americans. libyan officials are telling us that more suspects are being sought. fears are intensifying that another wave of violence could be coming as protesters are scheduled to storm the streets again tomorrow. once again, this is a live look at pictures of the ongoing violence outside of the u.s. embass necairo. our reporter is standing by with t
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
because of iraq and because of guantanamo. they hated us because of the torture -- he used the word and accuses his own country ever torturing. and he is now apologizing and promising to change course. we would no longer be tough. we would be loved. we would show compassion. and we would get out of iraq. he set a deadline for afghanistan. he doesn't support the green revolution in iran. he shows the ayatollahs tremendous respect. he essentially protects them when they are under attack. he gets nowhere on the iran nuclear issue. he is equivocal in the arab spring. he leads from behind in libya. the theory was if we go soft and we are very nice, if we -- if we say [speaking in arabic [enough times, it will be all right. he decided, the theory and therefore the practice is going to be, retreat and withdraw. remember the line he uses? the tide of war is receding. >> sean: exactly. >> that means the tide of american power is receding. and the reason that american interests, schools, embassies, businesses are aflame in the middle-east from tunis to south asia is because things don't happe
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of democracy in that god-forsaken region? iraq! george bush's iraq. that's how you install a democracy in the middle-east, with the help of the united states military. it is not with a bunch of men running around, gang raping american journalists and shooting guns in the air. the idea that this was going to lead to anything good was preposterous. >> a big impact on the campaign -- last question. >> i -- i-- >>> booing god and booing jerusalem -- >> i think it ought to. but i think the economy is going to remain the predominant issue. but i don't know. this could get worse and worse. the more you back down to savage, the more they are going to attack. >> sean: we are living through at this time rise of radical islamists. >> you know what we are -- we are living off the good effect of the war in iraq. the good effect of the bush years. but you can only live off that so long. >> sean: i think this president is a wimp. i think this president doesn't have the courage to stand up to these terrorists. either that or he can't identify it for what it is -- >> he is utterly naive, you can say th
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
you can't send american troops to afghanistan or can't put american troops in iraq. the arab street, there will be anti-american violence. guess what? it hadn't happened until now. why is it, only under barack obama when he is doing everything the radicals want, pulling troops, he has pulled our troops out of iraq and pulled them out of afghanistan. he has announced a pivot to southeast asia but they are burning ef gees of barack obama across the middle east. >> sean: look at these images, juan. they burned our flag all over the world. they are killing people. the president's response to this has spend our money on an advertisement campaign, saying we're not responsible for the movie trailer as we now know as we reported had nothing to do with this? >> wait a second. let me make a couple points. the reason we give money to pakistan. the reason we have a relationship. >> sean: running ads they are running. >> you asked why do we give money to these people that are not friends to us and you saw on terms on the tapes. i want to remind you they are nuclear power and we want influence th
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
delivered i saw the president make the tough calls in the situation room. and today, our troops in iraq have finally come home. so america can do some nation building, here at home. that was a change we believed in, that was a change we fought for. that was a change president obama delivered. i remember when the president received a report that the auto industry had a few weeks before its collapse. we met in the roosevelt room, late into the night. some of the president's advisers said that in order to save general motors, you had to let chrysler go under. others said, it's like throwing good money after bad. among all the experts, there were only guesses and nobody put it at better than a 1 in 4 shot. only the president suggested going all in to save the industry and the jobs. rising above all the voices in washington, president obama listened to the voices that mattered to him most, the voices of the auto workers in the communities that depended on them, just like the voices of the steel workers and the communities on the south side of chicago, where he worked earlier in his career. presid
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in iraq who are home, they are better off. >> sean: when bill clinton said four years ago, barack obama played the race card on him and the mayor of los angeles said about the republican party, that you can't trot out a brown face or a spanish surname and joe biden says they are going to put you back in chains and bill clinton will speak saying that barack obama played the race card and planned to do it from the very beginning. you hear these racial statements. you have been outspoken on the issue of race in this country. does that disturb you that the race card has been played and is being played? >> i think when you call the president a liar-- >>> like george bush was called. >> it's never right when you call him -- say he was not born here, you are not a christian, you are not one of us-- >>> who said that. >> you know that, whether it's the birth argument or by trump or welfareue know the roll call. >> sean: obama called and said that george bush was unpatriotic. >> i am not sure what he meant by that. >> sean: he said george bush on the debt is unpatriotic for $4 trillion in 8 year
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
sent more jihaddists per capita than any country in the world in iraq to make war on american soldiers. benghazi was the capital of the jihad in libya. we know what we are dealing with. the only difference between now and back then is they have now got the arsenals that at least gadhafi had under lock and key when we were dealing with him. >> i love how they say it is spontaneous and people spontaneously pulled rocket pro held grenades out. and apparently there was a three-day warning and it was the anniversary of 9/11. don't you beef up security on 9/11 at embassies? >> we should be doing that everywhere, but particularly in a place like benghazi where they hate america. i know they tried to turn the rebels into this group of allies during the libyan war, but they want to talk about this movie instead of what happened. >> did you see it? >> no. >> if a film student in college presented it as a work that they created, they would receive an f. it was the worst thing you have ever seen. >> it's total -- it's idiocy. it's totally obscure and nondestript. but they would rather talk about t
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
for after bush invaded iraq. we got a lot out of the iraq war. they aren't talking about this on other stations. all they can do is accuse republicans. >> conservatives rarely want to bring up the issue of race. it has become a narrative. if you mention the word chicago it's now... >> there is a new one tonight on chris math use apartment is racist. >> sean: everything is racist you guys are so lucky. i've done nothing but watch msnbc. >> sean: mugged. this is just a short montage of things that have been al gore they don't want to count you in the census z just like a little snip yet. it goes on every election cycle. watch this. >> i think that they played a race card on me. we know from the campaign and everything they plan to do it all along. >> there is an overwhelming portion of the demonstration towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they're in favor of affirmative action if you can dump a basketball or sink a three-point shot but not in favor of it if you merely have the phone shall to be a leader in y
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, which he admitted responsibility for, after bush invaded iraq. we got a lot out of the iraq war, but they're not talking about it on the other stations, because all they can do is accuse republicans of racism. >> sean: conservatives rarely want to bring up the issue of race. it's become a -- if you mention the word "chicago," it's now a -- >> a new one tonight on "chris matthews." apartment is racist. >> sean: everything is racist. >> i do nothing but watch msnbc. >> sean: this is a short montage of things that have been -- you know, al gore, they don't want to count you in the census, republicans have the wrong policy about black america. watch a snippet, because it goes on every election cycle. look at this. >> i think they played the race card on me. we now know from mobil memos ofe campaign that they planned to do it all along. >> the demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you can dunk the basketball or sink a three-point shot. but th
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
a promise to the american people we'd get out of iraq. he did that. >> you don't have an answer, right? you don't have an answer. let me tell you why the answer is important since you don't have an answer. >> it's not leading from behind. he's led us out of iraq. >> that's what he called it that. >> no, he didn't say that. he didn't say that. >> the reason it's important is that we have lost respect in that region. that is a region of the world were you must lead by respect. not by popularity. >> right. >> not by the warmth and charm of the president, but by respect, by the strength of the united states, the resolve of the united states, the clear agenda of the united states, the commitment of the united states. on issues like iran's nuclear power, this guy has drifted for four years, wandering around without crippling sanctions on these people, and we're going to end up one day with a nuclear power there that is mischievous it will scare the hell out of everyone. >> he has built a coalition worldwide, unity on sanctions, stronger than any sanctions ever put on iran. >> bill: oh, stop it, j
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)